Friday, October 14, 2011

Photoshop Student Gallery

Our intensive one-hour Introduction to Photoshop class wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, and I've been meaning to post some of the wonderful images students submitted for their final portfolios. The assignment was to create six original images using the techniques they learned in class. They also had to write a brief legend about how they created the image.

I asked the students to submit their favorite photo to be published on the blog. Here are the ones I got, along with the legend for each one.

"Creek" by Brittany Brantley
I used the lasso tool to select the rocks and the creek, I then used a photo effect to brighten them and make them stand out.
"SKATE" by Alex Chandler
I...placed the portrait on top of the stars.  At which point, I erased the background and made the stars appear behind us.  Then I added a text box to the bottom of the photo with a 60pt font with old English text mt, at a T1, and colored it white.  I placed it in the bottom left corner and then cropped then entire picture.
"Freedom" by Monica Linares
I combined two separate pictures of the same landscape by using Auto-Align Layers. Then, I used Auto-Blend Layers to even out the colors of both pictures. After that, I cropped and scaled the pictures to get rid of some edges and make one rectangular image.  I then proceeded to use the Horizontal Type Mask Tool to write the word “freedom.” Once I had the word selected, I inversed the selection and changed the hue/saturation of the picture to make the letters stand out as the central aspect of the image. 
"Hope" by Michelle Loving
(I don't actually have the legend because it was part of the portfolio book Michelle turned in and I gave it back to her before I copied down the legend. My bad.)
I always enjoy seeing the creativity the students combine with their newly-learned skills!

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