Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KUOZ Holds Live "News Night"

By Alejandro Cordoba
RTV/SCM major

KUOZ News Night is a night where students of the U of the O present news (pardon the redundant wordiness) for the people of Clarksville. The freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior Communication majors got together, voluntarily or for a course, to deliver the packages they have been working on for the classes so far, among other broadcast experiments. All of us with the following big picture in mind: the Election Night Coverage.

Let me tell you some background information about the Election Night Coverage to understand the purpose of News Night. As you know, big television stations nationwide cover the elections the day of in a very thorough long show, including all sorts of topics; a big production is behind this. Here at Ozarks, the first Election Night Coverage was held for the last 2008 elections. The final product was a three-and-a-half live broadcasted news show where interviews, and local numbers played a role where the students focused to bring in this to and for the community. That’s the soul of the department, we believe in our duty to bring LOCAL news to our people, and we are doing it again and even better!

We are not just another news program, we are not CNN, MSNBC or Fox News; we care for the community of Clarksville, and Johnson County. We do this for them. We do this for us.

Last Monday’s KUOZ News Night is a big opportunity for students to explore, polish, and put into practice a “simulation” of what is coming: the Election Night Coverage. The overall producers Corey Snyder, Andrea Avalos, and Ryan West in conjunction with our very own devoted Broadcasting Director Susan Edens mastered a show that with the help of the students was a complete success.

The pre-production behind KUOZ’s News Night was exhaustive (took at least almost-three weeks, and buck loads of coffee), but it was all worth it. Cables everywhere, cameras, microphones, scripts, lights, audio, teleprompt, and action! commanded the crazy learning nightly experience to help the overarching production to pin point any possible drawback on the actual day of the coverage.

We are now moving on to our next journey before the big day comes. The Backpack Journalism, and the Political Communication class are working on the trip to the re-election headquarters in Chicago; this is another major piece of the Election Night Coverage puzzle.

As you can you see, it keeps getting better for the Communication department, the University of the Ozarks, and the City of Clarksville. We are proud of the job everybody is doing, and we will continue to bring in the very best for the community.