Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Such Creativity!

Today was the last day of the Introduction to Adobe Photoshop class, and students presented their final portfolios. The assignment was to create six images using the different tools they've worked with over the past weeks, then to present those images to the class. Students had a choice of how to present the images; some chose to create a paper portfolio, while others presented their images via a PowerPoint show. Regardless of the format, the students also had to give the class an overview of what it took to put the final image together.

Here is a sampling of the presentations:
Michelle Loving

Brittany Brantley

Phuong Do

Rafael Luna

Alex Chandler

August Laue

Patrick Otto

Monica Linares
Tomorrow, you can get a better chance to look at their work. Each student is sending me one photo to post on the blog. Get ready for some awesome images!

(Something else that's coming up this week - Channel 6 is putting together Ozarks Weekly, and producer Malisa Mat Sani will give us an inside peek with a video blog!)

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